I really found this lecture quite interesting, if only because it provided me with a starting point to understanding post-colonial criticism.

Fry puts forward, among other things, that Said’s writing regarding Orientalism represents, what he calls, “phase one” of post-colonial criticism, structuralism, and that Bhabha’s theorizing regarding ambivalence and hybridity marks “phase two”, deconstruction.  I realise that Fry is obviously simplifying matters in order to provide a quick overview of post-colonial criticism, which is indeed a very complex and diverse field of study.  However, I find he does provide a good introduction to these two thinkers, by providing backgroud information and discussing their influences, for example.  (Fry explains that Said was  influenced by the writing of Gramsci and Foucault; whereas Bhabha was influenced by, and was very much writing in response to, Hegel).